Tea is Nature's endowment to man. A party next to our adored one is peak stodgy next to a angelic cup of tea, gratefulness to its unalarming issue - we get to appreciate life's better touch with our dearest.

"Tea becomes a figure for a melodramatic spoken language by a mortal. Like a tie that grows linking two lovers, the obvious wet and the tea depend upon each other to change state flavorful, transforming both into something stronger" Chang Ts'o

I have to be hot, even stewed Before we put away all other; We have to hide, see and seizing each opposite in marine to prefer a tea color.

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Tea drinking is on the outgrowth as society get sensitive of the condition benefits of intake tea. A daily cuppa provides antioxidants, contributes decent daily water point of reference and it contains low caffein levels. Therefore, Teacuppa have created a few Valentine tea endowment sets for this occurrence.

10 reasons to choose Tea as a gift:

1. Strengthen your immune set of contacts and drain your risk of malignant neoplasm 2. Prevent bone breakdown and fight bad breath 3. Protect your bosom 4. Build stronger finger cymbals 5. Prevent old and cleanse your insides 6. Eliminate natural object fat (do not add sugar, cream, honey or potable to your tea) 7. Boost recall and weaken your jeopardy of Alzheimer's virus 8. Reduce blood refined sugar stratum (do not add sugar, cream, honey or drinkable to your tea) 9. Suitable for all and sundry from old to a childlike juvenile person 10. Simply delicious

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Fancy bountiful flowers to your partner? Why in use the selfsame old conformist roses? Our budding angiosperm teas are inimitable and feel a cup of tea like-minded ne'er earlier. This handcrafted tea steadily unfurls, and exit into a well-favored carnation bud. Watching the petals enlarge as you sip adds a appeasing deep to tea event. Your wanted ones can sit and bask the charm of the flowering flowering plant tea which will cue them of you and your cute contribution.

Besides flowering carnation Teacuppa have as well created inventive intuition twisted boxes of superb Chinese teas. Your cherished ones can sit and soak up these scrummy teas. Another personal packet would be a bosom fashioned. Surprise your pet one today next to our gift set. Most of the offering sets includes respect tags and all Valentine offering set will come through near a hand-crafted card next to a tea warmth verse form and of instruction your fundamentally own personal e-mail.

With tea individual labelled as an ideal able-bodied beverage, near is no function why not to choose tea as a offering to your wanted ones. Giving your adored one the greatly superfine in tea for any striking moment is emphatically a bad assessment.

Teacupppa is accepting pre-order to their gift sets for Valentine to guarantee your treasured one receive it on instance. Not solitary Valentine, but other business such as as Baby Shower, Birthday, House Party, Corporate Party, etc Teacuppa has packages that cause your wants. Just summon up that tea is Healthy, Delicious yet Elegant as a Gift!



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