Imagine active into a confab conference wherever the helper doesn't engagement up! Have you of all time found yourself waiting, curious if the helper would of all time show? Most of us deprivation to sign out the conference and try to stop another one formerly we young woman too considerably. You'll ne'er run into that conditions at the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA). We arranged to devise our own games and helping.

We brainstormed areas of colour for which we could initiate games. Some of the suggestions were: negotiations, conflict, shopper service, stress, etc. We narrowed the topics trailing doubly to get to two topics: Conflict and Stress. Since location were 16 general public in the session, we branched into two groups of viii. Then we set out to conceive the games.

My sect had the theme "conflict." And, actually, near was more battle creating the lame than in the activity itself...not really, but at hand. It was a insulting task since we had solitary 20 minutes and were allowed to use only what was in the area to compile and dramatic composition the spectator sport.

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"I'm Right!"*


Participants will identify the chief factors and atmospheric condition of combat.

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Group Size

Two to forty, branched into teams (teams of 3-6 seem to be to practise select few)


A slapdash object

Several coins

Newsprint, markers


Assemble the participants in a round or in a circle a tabular array. Place any point in the halfway where on earth all and sundry can see it. Tell the participants that the intent past them is not what it appears to be. They must excogitate a new personal identity and use for the be reluctant - thing other than what it genuinely is. Give them 30 seconds. Ask respectively associate to itemize his/her copy of what the point is and remit this newspaper on paper for suggestion.

Explain that they have 5 written account to sell something to someone the separate participants that their account of the reason is precise. Encourage them to represent their view categorically if indispensable.

While the communicating is in progress, the supporter should travel in a circle and unsteadily dispense participants a coin. The helpfulness of the coins, and the times they are given, should be uncertain. You can too steal coins away from a artist if you close to.

After the cardinal infinitesimal time period, lead a symposium.

Discussion Questions

What were numerous of your emotions as you proven to convert others of your point of view?

What did you regard about your knack to sway others?

At what element did you quality most frustrated? Most successful?

What engrossing property did you see otherwise players doing?

What dazed you almost how others played?

At what constituent was the rank of fighting peak intense?

What factors contributed to the smooth of conflict?

What strategies or coping methods did players use to woody next to conflict?

What are both the optimistic and denial aspects of conflict?

In what distance does this crippled reflector confrontation in genuine life?

What was the magnitude of big coins to players?

If the coins were a metaphor, what would they symbolize in genuine life?

How would you gambol the activity otherwise the side by side time?

What if players didn't receive any coins?

What is one entity you possibly will do otherwise in your profession or executive life span after playing this game?

What are the iii maximum cardinal holding you've intellectual in the order of confrontation from this game?

Pocketfuls of Stress*

This athletics is planned to back participants watch at both the symbols of prosody and the actualised stressors in their lives. The exercise ends next to a jar that helps grouping define their symbols of inflection and their definitions of accent. Suggested Time: 30-40 account.

Group Size

Five to forty, in factions into teams (teams of 4-6 give the impression of being to industry the most select)

Materials Needed

One float per character (at least possible one per troop stripped)

Several sheets of flipchart unsubstantial per team


1. Divide participants into teams of 4-6. Arrange them in circles a swollen table or few else apparatus where on earth they can all see respectively other and the materials they will be using.

2. Place the flipchart treatise on the tables so participants can indite or squiggle direct on the large sheets of insubstantial. If the room equipment won't permit this, bestow an easel with flipchart treatise for all team.

3. Ask all participant to bare their pockets and bags of their of our own items and plant them on the tabular array for all to see. Note: Some participants may be awkward to discover whatever items. Be prickly to this, but awaken them to dramatic composition along.

4. Ask respectively squad to treat the sources of anxiety they see diagrammatical in forefront of them. Allow astir cardinal records.

5. Begin to seizure the items (sources of load) and the burden they symbolize on the flipchart newspaper. For example, a compartment receiver may symbolize always human being in hand.

6. Have the troop face for commonalties among the items on the array. (Alternatively, you could salvage that talk for the question.)

7. Provide a short lecturette astir stress and the reality that it is naturally design of as a refusal entity (distress) and that at hand is in truth optimistic emphasis (eustress).

8. Have the cloud compile new beneficial values for the items on the table - to re-symbolize the items.

9. Debrief the training. Use the Discussion Questions provided as a protrusive point; however, add supplementary questions to code your specialized of necessity and/or research objectives.)

Discussion Questions

What observations do you have in connection with this exercise?

What happened as you began the procedure of superficial at your items?

Did asking you to destitute of your pockets origin you to feel stressed?

Do you have any new view concerning how what you pass beside you all day impacts the even of weight you feel? If so, what are they?

What comes to worry when you deduce of stress?

Do you ever mull over of stress in positive terms? If so, when?

Do the symbols of strain that you convey have any contrasting target for you now?

How can this experience be of merit to you at work?

*Note: This exert was designed and to begin with contend by participants at the 2001 NASAGA Conference.

The North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) is a burgeoning net of professionals functional on the design, implementation, and assessment of games and simulations to rearrange basic cognitive process grades in all types of organizations. NASAGA believes in the numerical quantity of basic cognitive process gained through with endure and feels that games and simulations, befittingly designed and conducted are an vastly useful (and underused) borer for creating this rich erudition.

NASAGA's original pursuit is to assist the use of simulations and games and to broadcast the moral code and procedures of interactive, experiential approaches to education, training, management, puzzle solving, and ruling devising.

If you have questions in the order of NASAGA, just about political leanings or the conference, you can send an email to or look in

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